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Christen Westcott and her team genuinely think that wedding planning is the most fun job there is. We believe in creating an atmosphere where guests take notice of the warmth, positivity and joy radiating in all directions. We put an immense amount of effort into making sure that your wedding experience looks exquisite, yet feels completely effortless.

In short, we take your revelry very seriously.

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Meet Christen Westcott

Christen Westcott

Hello! My name is Christen Westcott and I am the creative force behind Look West Events. Ever since I was a little girl, I have romanticized weddings and adored the idea of dressing up and dancing all night to my favorite songs! But in adulthood, I learned that weddings serve a more important purpose. They are an opportunity to honor relationships and tell loved ones how much they mean to you. This is why I felt compelled to become a wedding planner. People ask me, what is the meaning behind the name Look West Events? All of the best things that have happened in my life have happened when I decided to “Look West.” In 2009, I moved to the west coast for college. This time in life strengthened my belief in myself. A decade later, I married my husband and took the name Westcott. I’ve since fulfilled my dream of starting a family. I am so grateful for each time I have taken a leap of faith and decided to “Look West.”
"I woke up the day after my wedding and looked at my husband and said 'I don't think I was stressed ONCE yesterday,' and I fully attribute that to Christen's perfect planning and execution." - Lauren K.




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